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Krugman: Use tax to discourage overnight repos

Economist Paul Krugman sees value in proposals coming out of the UK to tax financial transactions to discourage speculators, in part because it would discourage overnight financing on the repo market. From his November 27 column: It’s true that a … Continue reading


South Korea on track to develop repurchase market

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South Korea, Asia’s fourth-biggest economy, is seeking to become an advanced financial market, and that includes developing a repurchase market, the Financial Times reported November 24. Seoul said last week is planned to allow short selling of bonds next year … Continue reading


Putting repo lenders’ skin in the game

A congressional proposal to force lenders to have more “skin in the game” could make repo lenders less willing to lend, writes Reuters columnist Agnes T. Crane November 23. Representatives Brad Miller of North Carolina and Dennis Moore of Kansas … Continue reading


Salmon: Give those repo lenders skin in the game

Reuters columnist Felix Salmon likes the Miller-Moore amendment, which would cause repo lenders to lose up to 20 percent of their collateral when the bank they’ve made the loan to fails. From one of two columns on November 20: This … Continue reading